Paroscientific, Inc.
Digiquartz® Pressure Instrumentation


Customer's Terms and Conditions

1. The terms and conditions of this order shall not be modified by any verbal understanding or agreement.

2. Render invoice in duplicate for each shipment, marked original and duplicate. Articles on this order must not be included on invoices covering other items.

3. Your invoices shall include:

  1. Number and date of this order, consignee and shipping weight.
  2. How shipped, i.e., freight, express or parcel post.
  3. If shipment was prepaid, charges collect COD or shipper's order.
  4. If purchaser is entitled to allowance for transportation charges, such allowance must be shown and deducted.
  5. Purchase order number must appear on all papers and packages relating to this order.

4. ALL PURCHASES ARE MADE FOB destination, unless otherwise specified in purchase order.

5. Invoices must describe articles in terms used in the purchase order.

6. All Bills of Lading must show numbers and marks of cases or packages in which goods bills are shipped, name of vendor making shipment, article and quantity, number of cases or packages.

7. Substitutions are not permitted without written authorization.

8. No charges permitted for packing or wrapping unless specified.

9. Payments shall not constitute acceptance; material received is subject to purchaser's inspection and rejection.

10. In the absence of packing list, the purchaser's count shall be accepted as final.

11. Time of delivery is part of the essence of this contract and the order is subject to cancellation for failure to deliver on time except for causes beyond his control.

12. The articles, materials and/or services covered by this order are to be produced, furnished and billed in compliance with:

  1. All applicable laws, proclamations, orders, rules and regulations, including without limitation unless an exemption is applicable, Executive Orders 11246, 11458, and 11701, as amended, and the rules, regulations, and orders issued there under, which are incorporated hereby by this reference.
  2. The requirements of the Fair Labor Standard Act of 1938, as amended, in producing the products or performing the services to be furnished hereunder. All invoices shall contain the following assurance: "Seller represents that it has complied with the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, as amended, in producing the products or performing the services covered by this invoice."

13. This order shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Washington.