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Digiquartz® Pressure Instrumentation


Each of these downloads contains everything needed to update the firmware of various Digiquartz intelligent devices.

Firmware version R4.XX

Firmware version R5.XX

Firmware version QX.XX (for models 6000_XXX_IS, 6000_XXX_IS_LN)

NOTE: Firmwares can only be upgraded to those of the same type (i.e., R4.XX only to R4.XX, R5.XX only to R5.XX, and QX.XX to QX.XX).

Digiquartz Flash Programmer Help

Digiquartz Flash Programmer is used to update the firmware of various Digiquartz intelligent devices. The following devices are supported:

  • 1000, 6000, 8000, and 9000 Series with R4.00 and later firmware
  • 6000 Series with Q1.00 or later firmware
  • Model 735 and Model 745 with R4.00 and later firmware
  • Model 765 with P2.00 and later firmware
  • MET4 and MET4A


Step 1: Select device type
Select Blank if the device has not yet been programmed, or if a previously programmed device has corrupt firmware. Select Programmed if the devices has already been programmed and is functional.

Step 2: Set up communications parameters
Blank Device
Select the COM port. ID 01 and 9600 baud are default values that will be used to communicate with the device once it has been programmed, regardless of the ID and baud rate selected.

Programmed Device
If you know the COM port, device ID, and baud rate, you can select them directly. If not, you can search for a device to determine its device ID and baud rate. To search, set the desired COM port and click the Search button. If the search is successful, the proper device ID and baud rate will be automatically selected.

Step 3: Specify firmware hex file
Click the "Specify hex file" button and select the desired hex file.

Step 4: Program device
Click the “Program device” button to begin programming and follow the prompts. Do not interrupt device power or the RS-232 connection to the device while programming is underway. If an error occurs during programming, cycle device power and try again.

Additional Information

  • If an error is encountered while programming, cycle device power and try again.
  • If programming was interrupted, the device will have incomplete firmware and will not run. If this is the case, cycle device power, select Blank device, and try to program the device again.
  • Please do not alter hex filenames. Important information is contained in the filename, and the programming process will likely fail if the filename is altered in any way.
  • Digiquartz Flash Programmer works with a single intelligent device via RS-232. It will not work with multiple devices on an RS-232 serial loop network, or via RS-485.
  • "Connected at" is the baud rate at which the device is being programmed. It is the highest possible baud rate that produces reliable communications.
  • If the device is programmed and functional, steps will be taken by the program to ensure that the device is not programmed with incompatible firmware. This is not possible with a blank device. For this reason, it is important that care is taken to ensure the proper firmware files are used to program blank devices.