Paroscientific, Inc.
Digiquartz® Pressure Instrumentation

Intelligent Electronics

Digiquartz® sensors are available with Intelligent Electronics that convert the raw frequency signals into linear, temperature-compensated RS-232/RS-485 outputs.

The RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces allow complete remote configuration and control of all operating parameters, including resolution, sample rate, choice of engineering units, integration time, and sampling requests. Commands include: Single sample and send, synchronized sample and hold, continuous sample and send, and special burst sampling modes.

Features include bi-directional support for serial loop and multi-drop networking, high-speed continuous measurements, selectable baud rates up to 115,200 baud, synchronization of measurements with time-based integration, 2 or 4 wires RS-485 transmission distances greater than 1 kilometer, a power management "sleep" mode, data formatting features, and unit identification commands.

A user-selectable Nano-resolution measurement mode is available with parts-per-billion sensitivity. Nano-resolution is achieved through counting techniques with digital multi-stage IIR low-pass filters. The low noise floor associated with quartz resonator sensors allows high-resolution measurements of pressure, acceleration, and tilt over a broad frequency spectrum.

Application areas include the measurements of:

  • Water level fluctuations to microns (μm) in deep-sea depth sensors
  • Nano-bar barometric pressure fluctuations for infrasound detection
  • Acceleration or gravity to nano-g's using our Triaxial Accelerometer

For additional information, please download our Digiquartz Broadband Intelligent Instruments Manual.